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All our services are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and available in French or English.  

We do not provide or assist in arranging abortions. 

Unexpected pregnancy

Think you are pregnant? We are so glad you found us.

We offer free pregnancy tests, evidence-based information on your options as well as ongoing personalised cared through emotional, practical and material support to empower you to make well-informed pregnancy decisions.

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Helping you build a village

All parents need a a community to support them through the challenging seasons of parenting.

Want to connect to others going through this lifelong adventure of parenting?

Join a moms' or dads' group!

Workshops & events 

We offer several events throughout the year and can build workshops based on need you see in your community.

Postpartum community workshop

Pregnancy loss memorial

Post-abortion support

Your experience of having a abortion is unique to you. Your emotions tell a story of what you've gone through. 

Feel the need to talk about it?

We offer both individual post-abortion emotional support as well as a post-abortion support group. 


Daring to practice a new way of thinking about the future.

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